Write Business plans

We have Experienced Business Plan Writers

A Business Plan is a written document that describes your business. It covers objectives, strategies, sales, marketing and financial forecasts. A business plan helps you to: clarify your business idea.

At Business guide, we help entrepreneurs and existing businesses whether small or big to  write business plans to secure financing.

Business Plan Life cycle

Are you just setting up a Business or you already exist? Our business plans are tailored directly to give you a distinct competitive advantage with to startup or grow your exisiting Business.

Our customized business plans help:

  • Just starting up
  • Growing Business
  • Secure Funding
  • Allocate Resources Effectively

The 3 pains We Solve;

Writing a business Plan is something so hard not only for most entrepreneurs but also large entities.

By contacting us to write your Business Plan, we solve three major pains;

  1. Time: A business plan is not written in one day. You cannot spend months on the same thing, and thus by contacting us to help you, you save your own time.
  2. Perfection: Knowing exactly how to write your Business Plan is a hustle. Business Guide has professional expertise to help you nourish your idea into perfection.
  3. Financial projection: Financial projection and knowing the elements of the business plan are simple, but ever a mess up for you to create. It needs experts like we.  

Experience and Team

Our team of experienced and professional business consultants will work with you to look at your business idea and offer advice to enhancement your finances as well as making it a reality. These have experience that will be applied to give your idea life.  

Find out how we can partner with you by offering the most of our services that other business plan companies do not offer. We write Business plans that help you to achieve your end goal. Email us through info@businessguideafrica.com.

Debt collection

We also offer debt collection solutions to both large and small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). These are tailored to meet our clients need to recover the money they need from an investment or profit gain.

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